#askpam – Reasons to buy in the fall

Hi, it’s Pam with Pam Butera Group.  Summer is over, the kids are back in school and football season is here.  That means it’s about to be fall.  Did you know there are great advantages to buying a house right now.

First , the year-end tax breaks.  Owning a home can yield you HUGE dividends in tax returns!

Second,  getting ahead of mother nature.  Buying a house before the deep freeze of winter sets in is very appealing.  No one wants to worry about icy roads on moving day

Third, Holidays.  You will be all settled in, house decorated, boxes unpacked to truly enjoy your first holiday in your new home.

Fourth, More home choices.  Fall buyers and seller tend to be motivated to move!

At the Pam Butera Group… we understand buying a house can be a stressful and frightening time no matter WHEN you do it but our team is with you from the first handshake to the last signature and beyond.  So let our 25 years of experience work for you.

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#askpam – 5 tips to get your home ready to sell

Hi it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group with another #askpam.
Are you planning to sell your home.. then STOP.. because there are 5 things you should do BEFORE you list your home.
Yes you heard it me right.. BEFORE you list..
Although the majority of buyers will see your home online before they see it in person… the time to prepare your home for showings is BEFORE you list it.

So Number One – Clear the clutter —
You want potential buyers to be able to SEE your houses unique features.. so in the kitchen.. remove those appliances you don’t use every day..
In the bedrooms.. clean up that closet.. because you know people will be checking out how much storage space there is..
And around the house.. just store the furniture you don’t use often

Number two – Make repairs and improvements
Although most buyers do like putting their personal touches on a home they buy.. most want to avoid undergoing major renovation projects..
So repair those broken items.. like windows, doors or holes in walls..
Make updates to old appliances and fixtures
add that fresh coat of paint.. just remember to keep it neutral

Number three – Consider staging
Rented furniture and décor will accentuate your homes features. If you live in a competitive market.. professional staging may help it stand out among the competition

Number 4 – Boost curb appeal
You want to win those potential buyers over as soon as they pull up to the curb.. so make sure the outside of your house and landscape is a 10..
As always.. Paint is a cheap way to update the outside.. keep pulling those weeds.. and sweeping the walkways.

And last but not least.. and you’ve heard me say this one before..
Number five.. put away those personal items and photos
We know it’s a pain.. but packing this stuff away will allow buyers to focus on the features!

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#askpam – The Election & Real Estate

Hi, it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group with another #askpam.
You can’t turn on a tv.. look at a paper.. or even go on facebook without seeing something about the presidential race..
But I don’t want to talk about the candidates.. The question today is..
What does this election year mean for the real estate market??

It means it’s going to weaken.. that’s common knowledge..
The real estate market will falter because people just don’t feel comfortable enough making such a large purchases with the uncertainty of a new leader..

What does this all mean for YOU?? Should you buy??? Should you sell??
The answer is.. it depends.
It depends on your wants and needs…
While the presidential race does affect the real estate market… the truth is.. the real estate market is ALWAYS changing..
At The Pam Butera Group… we research, watch, listen and read all the latest news so we can help YOU make the right decision!
So whether you are thinking about buying or selling.. call us and let our 25 years of experience work for YOU.
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#askpam – Who we are

Hi I’m Pam with the Pam Butera group…
There is one question we get asked the most…

Who are we.. and what do we do!!!

The Pam Butera Group is team of real estate experts.. making sure that one of the most stressful times in your life.. as smooth as it possible can be…

I’ve called this area my home my entire life.. and I’m proud of what our team has accomplished..

We sell everything from that Philly rowhome or townhouse.. to the sprawling farm in Chester county.. and everything in between.. The Pam Butera Group is truly Urban to Suburban.. with expertise in all of the 5 surrounding counties..

Whether you are a young professional.. first time home buyers..
Empty nesters downsizing.. or that growing family who needs something a little bigger..
We know each client is different.. each experience is different.. So we engineer each transaction specifically to YOU. We make sure you not only feel like a valued customer.. but part of our family. You aren’t just a number or a client.. you are a friend.

We know this is one of your largest investments.. whether you are buying selling.. upsizing or downsizing whatever it might be we want to make it seamless.. we want to make it smooth

Allow our 25 years of real estate experience work for you.

The Pam Butera Group – Urban to Suburban

#askpam – 5 tips to help save for a down payment

Hi it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group with another #askpam!   Buying a house is HUGE!!!
And to many… so is that down payment you need to plunk down to buy it..
So today.. 5 tips to help you save for it
Tip #1 – determine how much you need… create a budget by figuring out how much you can realistically put aside each month.. then you can set the timeline.

Tip #2 – Create a second savings account just for the down payment.. then set up automatic monthly deposits

Tip #3 – is easier said than done.. but find ways to lower your monthly expenses so you can save more.. check your insurances.. car… rental.. health.. and also your cable and internet rates… see if there are any promotions that could help you save money by revisiting your contracts

Tip #4-Investigate state and local home buying programs. Several state, counties and local governments offer first time home buyer programs that offer down payment assistance. Find out if you’re eligible for one.

And tip #5 you may like the most.. Celebrate.. set smaller saving goals as you work up to the larger one.. if you need to save 35,000 bucks.. then at each five thousand dollar mark.. do something special! It’s great motivation.

These tips may help turn your dream of becoming a home owner into a reality just a little faster!
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#askpam – Summer is HOT

Hi it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group… with another #askpam.
Most people think the prime season to buy or sell a home is the spring… and those people wouldn’t be wrong.. but.. there’s a BUT… That prime season is NOT just spring… it’s also pretty darn hot in the summer and there are three reasons why it’s a great time to buy or sell
1) your house looks great.. Trees are full , grass is green and flowers are blooming
#2) mortgage rates traditionally dip in the summer
And Number 3) it isn’t too late to get your kids in school . Believe it or not you can settle in 30 days

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#askpam – New homeowners don’t waste your money on

Hi It’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group with another #askpam You’ve heard it before.. and I know I’ve said it thousands of times.. Buying a home it’s a HUGE expense.
And we aren’t just talking about the house itself.. we are talking about filling it up with great new stuff!
.. Your expenses will skyrocket and don’t forget being a homeowner comes with many unique costs.. homeowners insurance.. property taxes… urgent repairs and more..So STOP.. and take my advice before it gets out of hand.. here are 4 big things new homeowners shouldn’t waste money on or should just avoid..Don’t fix up your backyard immediately..
We get it and we understand.. new house means new house party.. and of course you want to show it ALL off including the backyard.. but take a breath.. you don’t need to add the new pond or bushes immediately.. you may want to do this in phases to keep the costs down.. and you may also change your mind.
Don’t use the same old and outdated insurance… Loyalty is great.. but if you are using the same insurance company you used when you were a renter.. or for auto insurance.. than its time to shop around. What may have been a great deal for one.. may not be for the other.. and could save you big money.
Don’t fill up the empty space immediately Getting extra square feet can be liberating and thrilling.. and we understand the immediate urge to fill it!! But please listen when I say.. STOP.. and just enjoy… let the personality of the house come out before you do it. Your lack of patience may cost you more money than you want.
Don’t do extended warranties
New homeowners may be inundated with them as new appliances are installed.. but here’s a tip.. you don’t need them. The extended warranty you pay will most likely be equal to any repair needed.
4 simple don’ts that may save you plenty of DOUGH!

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