#askpam – Renovaton Financing

Hi, it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group…

Did you know there something out there called renovation financing.  It accomplishes TWO needs in ONE loan!

For homebuyers who see a “vision” of a house that’s in less than ideal condition, this will allow you to purchase that home and address the problems immediately after closing.

And for homeowners, those equity loans are tough to get and credit cards are too expensive.  With renovation financing you can upgrade or expand to increase the value all in one loan!

The cost of these renovations is rolled typically into a 30 year mortgage making it very affordable.

It’s just another way to get you into or create the home of your dreams.

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#askpam – 5 Essential Rules for Homebuying

Hi, it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group.
Buying a house is likely one of the biggest financial choices you will make. It can be scary, it can be stressful, especially for first-time buyers.
But there are 5 essential rules to home buying that may help you get ready and stay on track to make that big step.

#1 – Give your finances a checkup. You should get a credit report three to 6 months before you start looking for a mortgage. Dispute anything that looks inaccurate and most importantly make sure you are paying all your bills on time. This will help boost your credit store

#2 – Figure out what you can afford before you start house hunting. Determine how much house you can afford. Figure how what you’ll be able to pay based on your monthly houses income, monthly bills and your planned down payment. And don’t forget about closing costs.

#3 – Go shopping. Start looking around, figure out what your must-haves are. Just how many bedrooms you need, location. We suggest you work with a realtor who will know the inventory and the area to lead you to the best houses.

#4 – Lock down your financing. Talk to a loan officer, pinpoint a lender who will favor your financial strengths. Ask for referrals from trusted real estate agent.

#5 – Close the deal. When it’s finally time to get those keys make sure you do a thorough walk-through of the home before you sign. And make sure you call those utility companies to set everything up.

At the Pam Butera Group, we are with you from the beginning handshake to the final signature and beyond. We can help you find the house you want AND one you can AFFORD! Let our 25 years of experience work for you.

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#askpam – DIY projects that turn into inspection headaches

Hi, it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group!
We love the D-I-Y-ers. Folks who like to take on those home improvements themselves and feel like they should have their own show on HGTV. But the American Society of Home Inspectors has 3 home improvements flubs that are causing major headaches during inspections!

#1 -Wobbly decks – Plain and simple, decks shouldn’t move! So make sure your deck is properly attached to the house and that those fasteners haven’t corroded.

#2 – Incorrectly removed walls
We know the open floor plan is hugely popular, but keep a look out for those sagging roofs and ceilings. And if you taking a wall down make sure it isn’t the load bearing wall.

#3 – DIY Plumbing
Lots of D-I-Y’ers get a hankering for a new sink or toilet, but simply using the wrong pipes could result in costly water damage. So keep a lookout for wrong pipes used for connections

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#askpam – How to set your house apart from other sellers

Hi It’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group…

Right now there isn’t much inventory on the market, so if your selling your house and want to have a step up on the competition, we have some tips for you.   Of course we’re assuming you already made those big changes or fixes, like staging and necessary upgrades.  But there are 4 things you can do that will set your house apart and it’s all about the senses.

First, make sure you house is set to the right temperature.  You want it to be cool or warm depending on the season and inviting for a possible buyer.  Nothing can be worse for a buyer than freezing or sweating when checking out a house.  Number two, neutralize those odors.  Your house should smell more like vanilla and cinnamon instead of socks and cats

Third,  lift up those shades on those windows.  Let all the light in, it will make your house brighter and look bigger!

Finally, add some music to the background.  That will put a potential buyer at ease.  We would suggest you pick some easy jazz and maybe stay away from heavy metal.

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#askpam – Reasons to buy in the fall

Hi, it’s Pam with Pam Butera Group.  Summer is over, the kids are back in school and football season is here.  That means it’s about to be fall.  Did you know there are great advantages to buying a house right now.

First , the year-end tax breaks.  Owning a home can yield you HUGE dividends in tax returns!

Second,  getting ahead of mother nature.  Buying a house before the deep freeze of winter sets in is very appealing.  No one wants to worry about icy roads on moving day

Third, Holidays.  You will be all settled in, house decorated, boxes unpacked to truly enjoy your first holiday in your new home.

Fourth, More home choices.  Fall buyers and seller tend to be motivated to move!

At the Pam Butera Group… we understand buying a house can be a stressful and frightening time no matter WHEN you do it but our team is with you from the first handshake to the last signature and beyond.  So let our 25 years of experience work for you.

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#askpam – 5 tips to get your home ready to sell

Hi it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group with another #askpam.
Are you planning to sell your home.. then STOP.. because there are 5 things you should do BEFORE you list your home.
Yes you heard it me right.. BEFORE you list..
Although the majority of buyers will see your home online before they see it in person… the time to prepare your home for showings is BEFORE you list it.

So Number One – Clear the clutter —
You want potential buyers to be able to SEE your houses unique features.. so in the kitchen.. remove those appliances you don’t use every day..
In the bedrooms.. clean up that closet.. because you know people will be checking out how much storage space there is..
And around the house.. just store the furniture you don’t use often

Number two – Make repairs and improvements
Although most buyers do like putting their personal touches on a home they buy.. most want to avoid undergoing major renovation projects..
So repair those broken items.. like windows, doors or holes in walls..
Make updates to old appliances and fixtures
add that fresh coat of paint.. just remember to keep it neutral

Number three – Consider staging
Rented furniture and décor will accentuate your homes features. If you live in a competitive market.. professional staging may help it stand out among the competition

Number 4 – Boost curb appeal
You want to win those potential buyers over as soon as they pull up to the curb.. so make sure the outside of your house and landscape is a 10..
As always.. Paint is a cheap way to update the outside.. keep pulling those weeds.. and sweeping the walkways.

And last but not least.. and you’ve heard me say this one before..
Number five.. put away those personal items and photos
We know it’s a pain.. but packing this stuff away will allow buyers to focus on the features!

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#askpam – The Election & Real Estate

Hi, it’s Pam with the Pam Butera Group with another #askpam.
You can’t turn on a tv.. look at a paper.. or even go on facebook without seeing something about the presidential race..
But I don’t want to talk about the candidates.. The question today is..
What does this election year mean for the real estate market??

It means it’s going to weaken.. that’s common knowledge..
The real estate market will falter because people just don’t feel comfortable enough making such a large purchases with the uncertainty of a new leader..

What does this all mean for YOU?? Should you buy??? Should you sell??
The answer is.. it depends.
It depends on your wants and needs…
While the presidential race does affect the real estate market… the truth is.. the real estate market is ALWAYS changing..
At The Pam Butera Group… we research, watch, listen and read all the latest news so we can help YOU make the right decision!
So whether you are thinking about buying or selling.. call us and let our 25 years of experience work for YOU.
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